Gown Preservation FAQs

Q. Where is the best place to store my wedding gown?
A. Store your wedding gown in a cool dry place, preferably in a place where it will be left undisturbed. Avoid storing your gown in a basement or attic, as fluctuations in temperature and humidity may cause damage to the gown. A guest room or spare room closet is ideal.

Q. Can I take my gown out once it is packaged?
A. You may remove your wedding gown from the chest at any time to inspect the dress. However, please be aware that every time you handle the gown there is a potential for damage. Your preserved gown is safest intact in the chest, where skilled professionals have carefully placed it. Included in your wedding gown preservation kit is a pair of white cotton gloves for handling the gown, should you need to remove it from the chest. This will prevent soiling the fabric with oils from your skin, so you should wear them even if it feels a little silly.

Q. What if I notice discoloration on my wedding gown?
A. When removing the wedding gown from the chest please be careful to leave the tissue inside the gown intact. Have a good look at your gown, both front and back. In the extremely rare instance that any discoloration should appear, contact Gowns Remembered ™ immediately so we may address the problem as soon as possible. Your lifetime guarantee includes a free correction of any problems as well as free pressing for future use (if you pass your gown on to a friend or relative, any member of the association will press the gown at no charge).

Q. I took my gown out, now how do I get it back in the box?
A. When repackaging your wedding gown take your time and place the gown back in the box as close to the original packaging as possible. To begin, fluff up the tissue paper and try to keep the form of the sleeves and bust intact. Place the gown in the box with as few folds in the fabric as possible. Place tissue between folds of fabric. This will do two things for the gown; help absorb acidity over time and buffer the folds in the fabric to prevent any deterioration of fibers. If you need more tissue paper when repacking your gown, it is essential that you use only acid free tissue paper, which Gowns Remembered ™ can provide for you. Most tissue paper is not acid free, so do not take a chance with tissue paper you may have around the house.

Q. Why is my wedding dress taped shut?
A. You’ll notice your chest has been sealed with tape. This is to help prevent insect infestation, and should be replaced when you have finished repackaging the gown.

Q. I attempted to get my gown back in the package and simply cannot. Help!
A. We would be more than happy to assist you with repacking the gown, simply call or bring it to Gowns Remembered ™ at (1-877-WED-9399).

Q. Do I need to do anything to my wedding gown, once it’s packaged?
A. After a few years it is a good idea to check the acidity level of the tissue paper in preservation chest. Simply bring it to Gowns Remembered ™ and we will check the level of acidity and make sure everything is ph balanced. Eventually the tissue may need to be replaced, and we will gladly do that for you.


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